Katy's Story

In December of 2007 our first daughter Kathryn Marie Murphy better known as Katy was born five weeks early. She was our Christmas miracle.

At our 20 week ultrasound instead of learning if Baby Murphy was a girl or boy we had learned that our baby had a Congenial Heart Defect (CHD). Katy was initially diagnosed with Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). Her diagnosis was later changed to Restrictive Cardiomyopathy. Katy's prognosis was bleak and at one point we were even advised to terminate our pregnancy. That was never an option for us. We were prepared to begin the fight of our lives to provide our little girl with the best life we could.

Even though Katy's all too short life was filled with more hospitalizations than I can count, blood draws, EKG's, cardiac catherizations, numerous trips to the ER, six months with a PICC line and continuous medications, a heart transplant, and bouts with rejection, through it all Katy never saw herself as sick.

Even with all of the medical challenges that Katy faced they never kept her from being a kid. Katy was a kindergartener, a dancer, a soccer star, a Girl Scout, an artist, a fashionista, a big sister, a best friend, a rockstar, and the kindest, sassiest, funniest, happiest little girl you could ever meet. She had a smile that would light up a room. That smile and her love of life inspired the thousands of people who followed her story via our family blog and her Facebook prayer page.

Together with the help of amazing doctors, compassionate nurses, generous friends we were able to provide Katy with a full and happy childhood. Katy taught us to live for today, embrace the journey and enjoy the small things.

Katy died in August of 2014 after a horrific bout of rejection and months living in the hospital hoping that she would turn the corner. Katy was given every chance and our team worked hard to think outside the box and fix Katy's heart.

Katy's foundation is not about a sad story of a young child that died. It's about honoring her memory by helping other families that are on similar journeys. Click here to learn more about the foundation.