What we do

Katy's foundation is not about a sad story of a young child that died. It's about honoring her memory by helping other families that are on similar journeys. We have been in their shoes and would like to help ease their load in ways that we feel would be beneficial.

The first thing we would like to support is the programs that keep children happy during their hospital stays. Katy actually looked forward to hospitalizations because of these programs. The Child Life Specialists are terrific but they can always use more games, toys, craft supplies, DVD's and batteries. The Art Therapy Program also consumes a lot of supplies. Katy's favorite program was by far the Clown Care Unit. These volunteer clowns brought a lot of happiness to our little girl especially her favorite Dr. Dazzle. They all purchase their own makeup and supplies, so we'd like to help them in anyway we can.

We would also like to support grieving families that have suffered the devastating loss of a child. We found out first hand that families can some how manage to find the resources to bury their child but paying for the perfect headstone is daunting. It took us about 9 months with the help of friends to finally obtain the perfect one. Our grieving process was definitely helped by the placement of Katy's headstone. That is why we would like to help other families by providing them with funding for headstones.

If you are a family in need of support, please reach out to us at

How we help

Support for Hospital Stays

Our foundation is always looking for ways to help the programs that keep children happy during their hospital stays.

Assistance with Headstone Purchases

Paying for the perfect headstone is daunting. We would like to help with funding for headstones.

Annual Toy Drive for Boston Children's Hospital

So many of our friends supported our first-ever Toy Drive. Thanks to everyone for making this a tremendous success in December 2015!!