2015 Boston Children's Hospital Toy Drive

From the desk of Amiee Murphy:

December 21, 2015

I have had a couple hours to reflect on the happenings of today. Mike and I want to thank all of you who donated to Katy's Toy Drive because of you... We were able to donate 393 gifts to Boston Children's Hospital!

The sheer number of quality gifts was amazing and so many times I felt Katy smiling down on us. Patrick was sagar to help unload the very full van... ( I still don't know how Mike managed to get all those toys there in one trip)

Because of this wonderful distraction I was able to visit the hospital and the people that mean so very much to us. Seeing all of Katy's favorites was a huge piece of healing for me. Watching Dr. Blume interacting with Riley... I saw a new connection that Riley will have to her sister. Remembering with Dr. Smoot Katy's last moments... And how peaceful they were... And how she made sure even with my big pregnant belly Mike and I got in bed with Katy an held her. She recognized what a gift that was... A gift not every parent gets.

We were able to share our mission statement and goals for our foundation and get some positive feedback and offers to help.

Again thank you for not only making the holidays brighter for the children at BCH... But also for our family.

Check out this photo gallery of the 2015 Boston Children's Hospital Toy Drive!!