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Katy M Murphy Foundation to Provide Scholarship for this Amazing Retreat


Restoring a Mother's Heart is a retreat for mothers whose children have died from congenital heart disease and other chronic illnesses. This weekend long retreat is for women who want to dig in, face the darkness, and find light once again. It's an opportunity to join hands with other women and feel surrounded by love.

During our time together we will encourage you to cultivate your infinite relationship with your child. We will ask our hearts' deep questions and share practical tools to navigate this journey. This retreat is an invitation to continue your infinite relationship with your child. As a participant, you will be reminded that your story, while painful, is certainly not over. And in fact, it has great purpose. Come share, learn, care for yourself and feel the support of a community of women who understand.

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A note from Amiee Murphy:

"As many of you know I was given the amazing gift of this retreat last November. This weekend was life changing for me. For the first time since Katy died I felt truly understood and cared for. My feelings were validated and I felt comfort in the love of the amazing women and Tom Zuba who held me both literally and figuratively in a blanket of love, and continue to help guide me on this journey through grief.

I am excited and honored to announce that the The Katy M Murphy Foundation be providing a scholarship for the gift of this weekend to another grieving mom. If you or someone you know has suffered the death of a child due to congenital heart disease or other chronic disease and would be interested in attending this retreat. I encourage you to attend. If you are in need of a scholarship, please mention the KMMF in your application process.

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